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summer jobs August 24, 2007

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Teens skip menial summer jobs but miss some valuabe lessons:

There’s little question that the demise of the summer job is due in part to globalization. For one thing, with millions of low-skilled immigrants around, service industries don’t need to rely on kid labor the way they used to. Lawn-care companies and fast-food restaurants can now employ a more permanent adult staff. And, according to Neil Howe, an expert on age cohorts, kids are so used to seeing immigrants doing that sort of work that they assume “I don’t have to mess with food or cleaning stuff up.” Ironically, the same kids whose parents are paying $4,000 for them to go to Oaxaca to build houses for the poor can’t imagine working for money next to Mexican immigrants at the local Dunkin’ Donuts.

while i  found this paragraph interesting, the rest of the article is basically just a rant about how great things were in the good ol’ days. you know, when time was we could send our younguns off to war to fix ’em up straight.



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