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alberto gonzales resigns August 27, 2007

Posted by KG in news, politics, race.

from joan walsh at salon.com:

The tragedy of Alberto Gonzales came to an almost farcical end Monday with his self-pitying speech announcing his resignation. It’s terrible that the country’s top Latino leader is going down amid scandal and a hot debate about the nature of his wrongdoing — is he a serial lawbreaker or just an incompetent Bush crony? But it’s appalling the way Gonzales and his supporters have made him a symbol of the American dream, and implied that it’s his Democratic critics who’ve turned the dream into a nightmare. “It’s sad we live in a time when a talented, honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeding [sic] from doing important work because his name has been dragged through the mud for political reasons,” President Bush said Monday, after describing Gonzales’ climb from humble origins.

Gonzales’ rise — from the son of an alcoholic millworker in, yes, Humble, Texas, to the top of the American justice system — is a fascinating psychological study, especially when you remember that Bush, his patron, also had a drinking problem, and that one of Gonzales’ early key accomplishments for Bush was hiding a 1976 drunken-driving arrest. But Gonzales may have reached a new low when he invoked his father in his resignation speech. “Even my worst days as attorney general have been better than my father’s best days,” he said Monday morning.



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