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mos def, cornel west, and ralph nader on bill maher September 12, 2007

Posted by KG in comedy, hip-hop, music, news, politics, terrorism.

…a classic episode, rife with hilarity. while i’m a fan of mos def’s music, it pains me to see some of his political commentary. his outspokenness on katrina and stories like the jena six are to be commended though. (we also find out that maher has listened to mos def’s the new danger.)

i left out the opening monologue, interview with col. larry wilkerson and the ending but you can get those on the youtubes.

part 3 (9:58)

part 4 (7:27)

part 5 (6:40)

part 6 (9:59)

part 7 (1:17)



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