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devendra banhart October 10, 2007

Posted by KG in arts/culture, music.


If you ever get invited to Devendra Banhart’s house, wherever it is at the moment, you should not be surprised if you end up on one of his records.

That’s what happened to actor Gael Garcia Bernal (of motorcycle and teenage girls’ diaries famenot hating though…if i was a teenage girl i’d probably have him in my diary too), the Academy-Award nominated star of such movies as The Science of Sleep and Amores Perros. Bernal was in LA for the Oscars, and he stopped by to hang with Banhart, who was scoring a film for him. Banhart had been working on “Cristobal”, the first song on Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, for the movie, and he wanted to see what Bernal thought about it.

“I wanted to play him the tune and the lyrics were up on the little music stand, and he started singing along,” Banhart recalled. “So I said, ‘Fuck it, let’s press record.’” You can hear Bernal singing softly in the verse, his voice intertwined with Banhart’s more famous, vibrato-laced tones, not a trained voice or a loud one, but rather sweet and emotionally affecting. Bernal must have been as surprised as anyone to have this casual jam released on a record; Banhart says he had never sung the song before.

definitely a cool mellow song…i think i figured out most of the lyrics with google translate, but if anyone has a good english translation, it would be much appreciated:

little yellow spider is my favorite devendra song (from his 2004 album, nino rojo):

his warbling is awesome and the lyrics are pure poetry:

“and hey there, little sexy pig, you made it with a man
and now you’ve got a little kid with hooves instead of hands”




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