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miscellanea…yep, that was the best i could come up with October 10, 2007

Posted by KG in arts/culture, film, hip-hop, music.


hotel chevalier, the prologue to wes anderson’s the darjeeling limited, came out about 2 weeks ago on the itunes store (free download). he definitely stays true to his cinematic style with this short but i’m not sure how i feel about it yet – i think i have to watch it a few more times. the highlight upon first viewing though is the peter sarstedt song “where do you go to (my lovely)”:

sony’s new stop-motion spot for the bravia…apparently idea-jacked from here…not as good as the colour like no other bouncy ball one though (“Set to the stripped-down acoustic soundtrack of José González’ “Heartbeats”, 250,000 ‘superballs’ come flying, in slow motion, over the brow of a typical street in San Francisco, raining down on anything that gets in their way. And it was done without computer graphics”) or the behind the scenes, which made it even cooler.

interactive arcade fire video for “neon bible”


rza speaking on the wu-tang cover of “my guitar gently weeps”



1. Hipandpop.com - October 10, 2007

this is fantastic , i like , but i need more of the pics and videos in the content

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