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radiohead October 11, 2007

Posted by AP in music.

i’m curious what you guys think of the new album. feel free to comment (or post on the tracks i didn’t cover).

for me, reckoner seems to be the standout so far. that warm jazz guitar sound works really well with the drums, which themselves remind me a bit of a love supreme. the song really comes together near the end with that massive drum fill and string fadeout.

bodysnatchers is quintessential radiohead; i could see this fitting on anything from the bends to hail to the thief. there is a lot of (good) noise on this track.

i’m disappointed with all i need. it’s a great live song, but the over-produced version that made the cut doesn’t do too well. it needs a lot of space to really come alive. also, the 160 kpbs quality really limits the power of the bassline.


apparently i’m not the only one upset about the 160 kpbs quality.



1. KG - October 16, 2007

favs so far:
reckoner: replay value on this for the past couple of days has been ridiculous… everything just seems to fit together perfectly… the cymbals and shaker sounds combined with the warm guitar just make it feel like it’s raining outside but everything is warm inside.. if that makes any sense

15 step: feel like this could’ve been on the eraser.. the end of this track sounds like some prefuse 73/rjd2 stuff

bodysnatchers: thom’s voice reminds me of tom meighan’s from kasabian on this one

nude: i feel like this is a warmer, better version of house of cards

all i need: the thick bass’y deep piano/organ sound on this is tight

jigsaw falling into place: beautiful franticness

videotape: thom’s voice owns this track along with the rudder/backward? drums

house of cards: too open and empty for me…doesn’t really go anywhere.. boring..kinda sounds like kings of convenience

weird fishes arpeggi: feels like an intro to something that never happens

fast arp: the best of the ehh tracks, but thom’s voice just isn’t put to good use when it’s not wailing/screaming most of the time

7/10 is a pretty good in my book

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