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meet bobby jindal…louisiana’s new governor October 21, 2007

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In a widely expected victory Saturday night, Bobby Jindal, a 36-year old Republican congressman, won the Louisiana gubernatorial election, becoming the nation’s first governor of Indian-American descent and the youngest chief executive of any state.

Jindal, the son of Indian immigrants, is generally acknowledged to be an ambitious policy whiz kid. An Ivy League-educated Rhodes Scholar, he was appointed head of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, the state’s largest agency, at the tender age of 24. At 28, he was tapped to head one of Louisiana’s university systems. Two years later, he served in the Bush Administration as an assistant secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services. He first ran for governor in 2003 at the age of 32, losing by a mere four percentage points to current Democratic governor Kathleen Blanco.

Following his defeat in 2003, Jindal ran for and won the congressional seat in Louisiana’s first district. Since then, the staunch conservative — who converted from Hinduism to Catholicism as a teenager — has traveled often to northern Louisiana, hitting up churches and pressing the flesh. The strategy appears to have worked, as Jindal handily won the areas he lost to Blanco four years ago and that heavily supported white supremacist David Duke’s bid for the governorship in 1991.


“All the relatives are gathering at our ancestral home, and it’ll be a big party for all our friends and family,” the U.S. politician’s cousin, Subhash Jindal, said by telephone from the family’s hometown in Maler Kotla, a town in northern India’s Punjab state.

Bobby Jindal, 36, has not visited his ancestral home for more than three decades — but that has not hampered the joy in Maler Kotla.

The family planned to celebrate with a traditional Punjabi bhangra folk dance to the beat of drums called dhols, setting off firecrackers and enjoying sweets, said another cousin, Harinder Jindal.

When the governor-elect, born Piyush Jindal, was 4 years old, he asked his parents to call him Bobby, after the youngest son on a then-popular U.S. family television show called “The Brady Bunch.”


The ascendancy of the Brown- and Oxford-educated Mr. Jindal, an unabashed policy wonk who has produced a stream of multipoint plans, is likely to be regarded as a racial breakthrough of sorts in this once-segregated state.

A born-again Roman Catholic, Mr. Jindal made a particular campaign target of these areas, visiting them frequently and bringing his brand of devout Christianity to their rural churches. His social-conservative message — teaching “intelligent design” as an alternative to evolution in public schools, a total ban on abortion, repealing hate-crimes laws — would have been welcome in these areas.

perspective from sepia mutiny here and here

not to be a downer: while it’s definitely good news that jindal is the first nonwhite to become governor of louisiana since the 1870’s, i find it interesting that most articles seem to fetishize his ethnicity. i suppose it’s bound to happen, but it’s ironic coming from indian-americans who ordinarily would never support his politics. i guess rooting for one’s own team, so to speak, is a powerful force and also a phenomenon i find unendingly stupid. let’s judge him on his merits and not get carried away with his success just because his photoshop shade swatch matches yours.



1. Steve Sandowsky - May 9, 2008

Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindals 100 + day as governor of Louisiana track record: Ethics reform? -0-…… Pretty much all he managed to get done on that issue was it is now forbidden for anyone to give state legislatures ‘Hannah Montanah’ concert tickets or football tickets ‘free of charge’. period………. Public dislosure? Nothing on that yet either. Couldn’t even impose a $50.00 limit on ‘free lunches’ for legislatures….. Jindals actions as a Congressional Representative aside from taking actions that would allow him to abandon the post and duties he swore to uphold so that he could run for Governor? H.R. 6111………. December, 2006…. On the surface it was for Medicare and health care….. Laying submerged below the water was Offshore Oil and Gas Royalties….. In Federal waters…. Somehow all of the proceeds of the oil and gas royalties in federal offshore waters are going to be given to Louisiana, and Louisiana alone to a very high degree… The rest of the States can forget portions of those revenues, which could have helped pay for Medicare and Healthcare related costs, but instead, those costs are to be born by the other 49 States as well. So…. Analogy,,,, Double dipping……… And then there is the matter of Strongconcrete, or; http://www.strongconcrete.com… On page 12 of that website there are rather generous provisions of aid for the state of Louisiana that would save taxpayers, state and federal alike, a fairly substantial amount of money…. No moves have been made by the Jindal administration on this yet….. And the potentials for reduced cost evironmental calamities protection being made readily available in the near future to other states of the United States are seemingly ‘drowned’ as well. So it would appear that while there is everything available for Louisiana, nothing for the rest of the United States is offered in return, including royalties from oil and gas that doesn’t even exist in Louisiana territorial waters, but are located in Federal waters instead….. One item of note, according to the patent information relating to strongconcrete.com there are provisions for a lower cost flood protection barrier that has applications in the San Joaquin Valley Delta Region of California….. One of the largest agricultural regions of the United States… There is a fairly large distinction between being ‘conservative’ and plain old ’selfish’. For him to jump from his role of Governor to pursue the role of V.P. in midstride, much in the same way as he made a jump from Congressional Representative to the Governors chair would simply bear him out as what he truely is “A really nice self serving ambitious ladder climber that has no concern or care for those he is supposed to care for as he performs his duties he was elected to do” But then again, a V.P. really doesn’t have to do all that much, unless of course we have a repeat of 1945, or heaven forbid, 1963 or 1974 (which is unlikely)…….

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