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blogonomics: our latest bestseller October 23, 2007

Posted by KG in books, comedy, econ, misc, tech.
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Genre pioneer Malcolm Gladwell calls it the Big Idea book. It’s essential reading for today’s harried executive. Among the classics: The World Is Flat, The Tipping Point, The Wisdom of Crowds, and, yes, Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail. But if you really want to get ahead, don’t just read about Big Ideas, generate them. Write your own Big Idea book and you’ll be scarfing down foie gras with the likes of Charlie Rose and George Soros, discussing the global implications of your Big Idea. But how to come up with one? Don’t sweat it. With this patent-pending Big Idea Book GeneratorTM, we provide the title, subtitle, and premise. All you need to do is pick a random object to serve as a cryptic representation of your Big Idea on the cover (we chose a peanut) and, well, write it. Hey, that’s what ghostwriters are for!

fyi – the cryptic representation i chose is a butter churn.  unleashing the power of this blog in book form.



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