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huck and chuck November 19, 2007

Posted by AP in 2008 Elections, comedy, politics.
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presidential candidate mike huckabee gets some campaign help from chuck norris.



1. KG - November 19, 2007

matt taibbi on huckabee hiding his batshit-craziness through humor… haha..


“This God stuff isn’t just talk with Huck. One of his first acts as governor was to block Medicaid from funding an abortion for a mentally retarded teen­ager who had been raped by her stepfather — an act in direct violation of federal law, which requires states to pay for abortions in cases of rape. ‘The state didn’t fund a single such abortion while Huckabee was governor,’ says Dr. William Harrison of the Fayetteville Women’s Clinic. ‘Zero.'”

2. KG - November 19, 2007

i admit the ad did make me chuck-le..
k i’m done

3. awperson - November 19, 2007

chuck off.

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