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plastic little – rap o’clock December 5, 2007

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Comprised of de facto leader Jayson Musson, aka PackofRats, producer Michael Stern, aka SQUID, Kurt Hunte, aka No Body’s Child (NBC), and Jon Folmar, aka Jon Thousand, the Philly-based crew has crafted a funky, confounding debut. The Gallery Rap tag is appropriate for Musson, a brilliant posterist whose book, Too Black For BET (worth checking out), features some of the sharpest, nastiest satire I’ve seen in a long time. Sometimes She’s Mature‘s satire cuts deep, too. On “Creative Differences”, they skewer conscious dead prez-style hip-hop by self-reflexively dissing Plastic Little’s debut EP Thug Paradise 2.1. The song spirals into a pro-Nubian anthem, sampling KRS-One and dp’s “I’m an African”, with a hook that goes “Grab your shank/ Pull it out/ Kill a cracker.” Bear in mind there are two white people in this quartet.

It’s worth noting that for all their love/hate toggling over rap, Plastic Little have got an album cover that pays tribute to the Smiths’ “This Charming Man” sleeve, and songs that sample “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” and PJ Harvey’s “Down By the Water” (on the surprisingly aching Diplo-produced “Now I Hollar”). So there’s more to them than simple hip-hop snickering. They’re art school kids exposed to the banality of indie culture, but in love with it, too. They’re also guys who seemingly watch a lot of porn and enjoy rapping about it. To hear self-loathing on a rap record that has nothing to do with regrets about the street life is a welcome change-up. If Plastic Little can ever find the balance between incisive and acerbic, they’re bound to hit on some sort of Spinal Rap masterpiece. Until then, at least all the beats are banging.



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