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nice work if you can get it March 23, 2008

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i found act 4 pretty moving…

3/21/08 this american life:

Act Four. Just One Thing Missing.

Reporter Douglas McGray interviews a college student in California with good grades, an excellent work ethic, but no possible way to get a legal job. She’s lived in the U.S. since she was little, but her parents are undocumented; and she is, too. Most of her friends and teachers don’t even know. Douglas McGray is a fellow at the New America Foundation.



1. Ricardo Pobre Saunders - March 25, 2008

Douglas McGray story “Just One Thing Missing” speaks volumes about the mediocracy of the California government. Our state and its people find it more important to legalize drugs (Marijuana) for medical purposes than to give a chance to intelligent people, a chance to study or to drive a car. With an immigrant governor that refuses to share the American dream the way he has enjoyed for many years and a ever shrinking Republican conservative minority that bows to keep California on a road that will only lead to resentment and distrust for the future sons and daughters of this immigrants that we oppress today.

In the minds of Americans, Martha’s story can serve as a “hope” for the thousands that like her work and study hard to overcome their barriers in life. On the other side it creates “resentment” to the millions of American citizens that sit in front of a T.V. every morning wondering if dropping out of high school or stopping after getting a G.E.D. was such a great idea after all.

In the story, Martha expressed that a green card will bring her “peace of mind”. Perhaps “a peace of mind” is what our nation needs at this moment of war and economic uncertainty. People walking around thinking they can do more for this nation just because they got a document that allows them to reach goals and express hope to those around them. Or perhaps what we need is more laws to legalize drugs and guns over people. What a billboard will that be in the 405 freeway, “LEGALIZE DRUGS NOT PEOPLE, ITS THE AMERICAN WAY”

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