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vintage jon stewart footage January 30, 2008

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With Mike Huckabee’s surge in national prominence following his win in the Iowa caucuses, both Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien attempted to take credit for his newfound popularity, claiming they “made” him. Last night on “The Colbert Report,” Jon Stewart dropped in to settle the score by claiming — with VHS footage from the erstwhile “Jon Stewart Show” — that he, in fact, had made Conan O’Brien, keeping victory within the Comedy Central family. Watch:

rolling stone’s 40th anniversary issue November 14, 2007

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“This issue looks forward, not back, and it’s packed with interviews with the artists, leaders and thinkers who can best divine what our future holds. It arrives, appropriately, during the run-up to next year’s presidential election, which looms as a moment of truth for our nation. “People are nauseous about being perceived as the enemy,” Bono says of America’s standing in the world. “Whoever fixes that problem gets elected.” But it’s not just politics – as a society, we face choices that will likely determine the fate of our civilization, matters of war and peace, resource depletion and explosive population growth. And, of course, global warming: “It’s a mistake to think of the climate crisis as one in a list of issues that will define our future,” Al Gore tells us. “It is the issue.”

We don’t claim to have the answers to these challenges, but we do know where to look for leadership and inspiration. The values of tolerance, inclusiveness, common sense and personal liberty (not to mention fun) that took shape in the 1960s have animated this magazine ever since.”

chock full of wit and wisdom from some of the world’s most interesting minds…

you can find the entire issue digitally right here, but the interface rolling stone set up is really horrible, so i’ve made the text from some of the interviews into pdfs:










here’s some quotes that i’ve culled:


daily show bonanza October 18, 2007

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Rather than providing just a sampling of the program’s fare, as Viacom and other TV networks have done for years, Comedy Central is offering the works: about 13,000 video clips representing every minute of the show since its 1999 inception.

The site (www.thedailyshow.com) is meant to pull in advertising money from Day One, but it also will be something of a test lab for Viacom and perhaps for rivals looking over its shoulder.

Entertainment companies know in their bones that their material has great value to Web surfers, but so far nobody has found the right formula of unobtrusive yet effective ads.

“Comedy Central is doing what a lot of others are planning,” said Allen Weiner, an analyst for research firm Gartner Inc. “They’re much further along in what I would call monetization.”

The database is searchable by both date and topic, making it a potential bonanza for students of American pop culture. If you want to see what host Jon Stewart has had to say about former First Lady Barbara Bush or ill-fated Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, you can find the clips and put them in context by seeing what else was featured on the same day.

Today’s launch is a competitive response to YouTube. Google Inc.’s hit video-sharing site stirred Viacom’s ire — and a $1-billion copyright-infringement suit — by allegedly allowing users to post clips of “The Daily Show,” “South Park,” “The Colbert Report” and other popular Viacom shows without permission or compensation.

but with the give comes the inevitable take:

Like other search sites, including those from Google and Yahoo Inc., “The Daily Show” will allow sponsors to peg ads to particular topics on its website and feed potentially valuable information about consumer tastes back to the company.

fortunately, it seems like they’ve actually found some kind of happy medium between free content and overly intrusive and annoying ads.